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The Departments Tribal Health Program

In recognition of the challenges tribes face in recruitment, training and retention of staff, and the development and/or expansion of Medicaid programs, the Department created the Tribal Health Program. The goal is to assist with maximization of Medicaid revenue generation and expand Medicaid service delivery within the tribal health care system.

The Tribal Health Program maintains regular contact and provides technical assistance to tribal health care providers in regard to the development and/or expansion of Medicaid programs. The State provides tribes with detailed Medicaid claims reports and an annual summary of Alaska Native health care expenditures made to both the tribal health care system and private providers. These reports provide the tribes with necessary information to strategically plan development and/or expansion activities that pair up with Department initiatives.

The Tribal Health Program provides enhanced services to the tribes through the Medicaid fiscal intermediary, Xerox State Healthcare . The enhanced services program pends problem claims (instead of denying them) so claim problems can be identified, corrected, and promptly paid. Constant interaction with the tribal billing offices has resulted in better relationships, faster identification of software and systems problems, increased collections, and better coordination of training needs.

Please call Xerox State Healthcare, LLC: (907) 644-6800 or in-state toll-free number: (800) 770-5650.

Provider Inquiry/Provider Services: (907) 644-6800 (option 1) or toll-free: (800) 770-5650 (option 1, 1).

The Tribal Health Program has entered into agreements with tribes to match expenditures related to Medicaid administration functions such as outreach, enrollment, assisting patients in making health care appointments, arranging transportation, developing the health care system, and giving and receiving training on the Medicaid Program.