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Directory of Health Care Sites

Directory of Health Care Sites by Region, Posted WEEKLY - the most current report generated from the Primary Care Management Information System (PCMIS) of the Health Planning and Systems Development Unit. Sites are listed alphabetically by region and community within the region. The entire file is about 150 pages so you may wish to save the file electronically, replacing it each time you download a new copy, and print only the selections you need. To request a copy of the file in Excel or Word format, please contact the Health Planning and Systems Development Unit (see address/phone/fax above). You may email

To “find” a particular place or a clinic by name, open the file, then use the “find” option under the “Edit” menu (or use Control+F) which opens the dialogue box, type in the name you are interested in (such as Whittier ) and hit “enter” or “return.”

Directory of Health Care Sites by Region:

Click on a region to view the area's PDF:

Gulf Coast


Directory of Alaska Health Care Sites (PDF 1.2 MB)
(December 2009) lists primary care, hospital, nursing home and public health centers inAlaska, by community, with indexes by facility name and by managing organization to help users locate individual or related sites. Explanation of terms, inclusions, exclusions, other resources, and a request for corrections and updates are included.