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Information for Providers

State Role

The State will play a large role in the EHR Incentive Program and the overall HIT.  The State will be responsible to verify and disburse provider payments. There will need to be a system that coordinates with a national database to verify provider eligibility and identity. The State will collect data necessary to incentive program administration and coordination.

The State may request CMS approval to implement meaningful use measures above the minimum, as appropriate. The State will have to determine how clinical quality measures are to be submitted by Medicaid providers, such as via attestation or electronically via EHRs.

Fighting fraud and above, including ensuring no duplication of EHR payment between Medicare and Medicaid programs is going to be a critical State role. There will need to be processes to recoup overpayments or deal with erroneous payments. The State will also have to establish a provider appeal process for eligibility, payments and determinations of meaningful use.

More specifically, the Alaska Medicaid will play a major role:

  • Develop a specific State roadmap for Medicaid HIT adoption and use as well as partner in the State’s overall plan for electronic HIE
  • Set Medicaid-specific performance goals related to HER technology adoption, use and expected outcomes
  • Establish accountability for assuring ROI and public outcomes reporting
  • Provide EHR technical assistance and training of Medicaid providers
  • Provide opportunities for stakeholder input; including advocacy groups, other public social service agencies and safety net providers
  • Collaborate and coordinate with other public and private sector HIT initiatives
  • Continue to develop successful Medicaid Transformation Grant projects
  • Initiate State legislation as necessary to support HIE/EHR
  • Align existing quality reporting processes

The State will have a Medicaid HIT Plan (SMHP); this plan provides the vision for health IT for Alaska Medicaid. The SMHP will define how Alaska will determine and verify provider eligibility for EHR incentives, how payments will be made, how meaningful use will be reported and verified and how state controlled health data is linked on the state network and with the HIE.