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Alaska Electronic Health Record (EHR) Survey for health care professional providers and hospitals

We need your help in developing an electronic health plan that works for Alaska and provides incentive dollars to qualifying Medicaid providers.

Alaska HIT Landscape,
Electronic Health Records (EHR) Survey


The State of Alaska plans to participate in the Electronic Health Record (EHR) incentive program authorized under the HITECH provisions of the American Reinvestment & Recovery Act.

Prior to implementing the program, the state needs to assess provider readiness for meaningful use and determine the anticipated numbers of eligible providers. The information provided by this survey will assist in developing program guidelines that support health care providers practicing in varied and unique Alaska communities. It will also yield incentive dollars to qualifying providers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take?
The survey will take 10 to 15 minutes


Who can take the survey?
Any health care provider with a NPI.


How long is the survey open?
Surveys must be completed by September 20, 2010 in order to include your responses in the results.


Is this a private survey, what will the information gathered be used for?

The information from this survey will be used to develop a statewide plan that ensures adoption by a maximum number of health care professionals and hospitals by accomplishing the following:

  • establish a baseline for assessing Alaska's HIT and Health Information Exchange (HIE) adoption;
  • gain an understanding of what resources and technical assistance are needed by the provider community for implementation, adoption and meaningful use of EHR and information sharing (HIE) technologies;
  • determine how to gauge barriers to adoption of EHR and HIE technologies.


What is needed to complete the survey?

  • National Provider ID (NPI)
  • Estimated percentage of active Medicaid patients
  • Estimated weekly percentage of Medicaid eligible patients


Alaska HIT Landscape,
Electronic Health Records (EHR) Survey