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State Medical Examiner Retires

Dr. Franc Fallico ends 11-year run

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( Anchorage, AK)— The Alaska Department of Health and Social Services announces that Dr. Franc Fallico is officially retiring Wednesday, April 30 after 11 years with the State Medical Examiner’s Office.

“Dr. Fallico has been an incredible asset to the state and will be missed both professionally and personally,” said Beverly Wooley, Director of Public Health, which oversees the medical examiner’s office. “We could always count on Franc for the highest level of professional forensic autopsies — and an uncanny ability to communicate those findings in court.”

Dr. Fallico was hired in May 1997 as a deputy medical examiner. In January 2001 he became the acting chief, a role that became permanent in June 2004. Dr. Fallico went on extended medical leave beginning in October 2007.

“These are big shoes to fill, but we’ll try,” Wooley said. “We currently have an excellent deputy medical examiner in Dr. Robert Whitmore, and will continue to interview for a vacant second deputy position and for someone to fill the position of chief medical examiner. We will continue to do whatever we need to do to insure that all autopsies are completed in a timely manner.”

In his 11 years with the State Medical Examiner’s Office, Dr. Fallico performed 1,577 autopsies, did 5,273 consultations and 264 inspections, and testified in more than 111 court cases, many of which made national and even international headlines.