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Live to Ride. Call to Live.

Please contact the Statewide Suicide Prevention Council for information on the campaign or to share suicide prevention strategies and ideas.

Iron Dog Suicide Prevention Campaign

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Iron Dog 2017

"Life is a Team Effort" Poster

2015: Iron Dog racers Robert Strick and Steffen Strick Jr. of McGrath promote Careline

Team 12 shares the message “Life is a team effort!” and promotes Careline.

Robert and Steffen, Team 12, lost a couple high school classmates in recent years. They know that during tough times, sometimes we take life day by day. They hope that by racing to promote Careline they can get the word out that there is always someone a phone call away to help you get to tomorrow. 

If you need to talk, are in crisis, grieving, or worried about someone and want advice on how to help, call Careline anytime, 877-266-HELP (4357), toll-free statewide. You can also text 4help to 839863 most afternoons and evenings.

2013: Iron Dog racers Arnold Marks and Aaron Marks of Tanana promote Careline

Arnold and Aaron, both teachers, carried the message in the 2013 Iron Dog that “Life is a Team Effort!” and that Careline, the state’s suicide prevention resource, is on every Alaskan’s team. Careline can be reached by phone at 877-266-HELP (4357) or most afternoons and evenings by text: Send 4help to 839863.

2012: Iron Dog racers Archie Agnes and Arnold Marks of Tanana promote Careline

2011:Two-time Iron Dog champions share the message that suicide is preventable

Iron Dog 2010 and 2011 race champions Chris Olds and Tyler Huntington teamed up with the State of Alaska to create the Life Is a Team Effort campaign to encourage Alaskans to take action to prevent suicide.
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Video: Life is a team effort!

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During the race, the Careline racers Iron Dog organizers share the campaign materials and these messages:

  • Suicide is preventable.
    Most seriously depressed people display warning signs. See page 37 of the statewide suicide prevention plan.
  • We can all help.
    Alaskans can attend or adopt school- and community-based programs that teach students and community members how to identify signs of depression, how to reach out and how to connect people to help. See page 36 of the suicide prevention plan for a list of ways to help prevent suicide and build resilience in Alaska.
  • Need help? Get help.
    “Life is a team effort!” the cards and posters say. Iron Dog racers ride as teams because it makes sense to use the buddy system when covering 2,000 rough, remote miles. All of us hit rough patches in life – if you need help, call Careline at 1-877-266-HELP (4357) anytime, or text 4help to 839863 most evenings.

Special thanks to the Department of Health and Social Services for printing the cards and posters, and our partners at the Iron Dog Race.