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Patient-Centered Medical Home Webinar Series

Community Care of North Carolina: June 24; 8:00-9:30 a.m. AST

Community Care of North Carolina (CCNC) is an enhanced medical home model that places a strong emphasis on care coordination, disease and care management, and quality improvement.  A key component of this program is provision of medical home support services by local non-profit community networks that are led by providers and focused on patient and community needs.  As of May 2009 CCNC was comprised of 14 networks that included more than 3,200 physicians and covered over 913,000 Medicaid enrollees.  Begun by North Carolina’s Medicaid program in 1998, CCNC has demonstrated results both in improved quality of care and cost savings, has been recognized with national awards such as the 2007 Annie E. Casey Innovations Award in Children and Family System Reform, and has been studied as a model by other states.


  • Allen Dobson, MD, President, Cabarrus Family Medicine


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