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J. Kate Burkhart
Executive Director 

Alaska Behavioral Health Resource Guide

If you, a family member or friend is hurting and considering suicide, PLEASE call Careline at
1-877-266-HELP (4357)


Alaska Scorecard
Key Issues Impacting Alaska Mental Health Trust Beneficiaries

Upcoming Meetings

2015 Legislative Teleconference Series
Fridays at noon starting January 23, 2015
Call 907-465-8920 for locations, information

We are all Alaskans link. 

Sound minds link.

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Alaska's Division of Libraries has a new reference portal to find information and resources about mental health issues. Contact Librarian
Julie Niederhauser for more information.

News and Headlines

Avoiding Holiday Stress, Depression

Holidays can be stressful and for some of us they can be a time of sadness or depression. You can manage stress and minimize the holiday blues by planning ahead and taking care of yourself.
  • It's Okay to Be Sad. If someone close to your has died recently, or died around the holidays, acknowledge your grief. Don't pretend or force yourself to be happy.
  • Ask for Help. Whether it's help managing holiday expectations and obligations, or comfort when you feel sad or low - reach out to somone you trust. 
  • Learn to Say No. None of us can do everything for everyone, and holiday expectations can result in disappointment and regret. It's okay to decline an invitation - your friends and family will understand.
  • Get more tips for a healthy holiday season.