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Mission Statement

The Advisory Board on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse (ABADA) and the Alaska Mental Health Board (AMHB) are the state agencies charged with planning and coordinating behavioral health services funded by the State of Alaska. The joint mission of AMHB and ABADA is to advocate for programs and services that promote healthy, independent, productive Alaskans.


Alaskans living healthy, productive lives.

Alaskan adults are physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally healthy and are engaged in healthy lifestyles to sustain well being. This is supported through development of a community-based, culturally competent behavioral health prevention and treatment service system for Alaskans.

  • Identify current behavioral health system strengths and gaps.
  • Review, monitor, and evaluate behavioral health services at the community, client, provider, and state system level.
  • Advocate for a comprehensive effective behavioral health service system.

Alaskan children lead safe, stable, happy, productive lives.

  • Support the planning, funding, and provision of a comprehensive system of care within Alaska for children, youth, and their families.

Alaskans live free from the negative consequences of alcohol and other drug use.

  • Support a continuum of care for those experiencing alcohol and substance use disorders and those at risk.

Alaskans live with dignity and respect as valued members of their families and communities.

  • Advocate for a safe, accessible, and affordable continuum of housing options for beneficiaries of ABADA and AMHB.
  • Advocate for increased opportunities for employment, education, and meaningful participation in activities of one’s choice.
  • Advocate for and support interagency collaboration among the appropriate criminal justice, mental health, substance abuse systems, and other relevant community members or governmental agencies to prevent the unsuitable or unnecessary arrest, incarceration, and/or prosecution of persons with behavioral health problems.
  • Reduce stigma about behavioral health problems by teaching Alaskans about the importance of behavioral health, promoting wellness, and emphasizing the potential that Treatment Works, Recovery Happens.