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Alaska Pioneer Homes

The Alaska Pioneer Homes celebrate the holidays

    Anchorage Pioneer Home

    Above, employees from Jack White Real Estate sing carols to our residents and their families during the Christmas party.

    Left, Anchorage Pioneer Home resident Pat Mahoney (as Santa) gives a gift to resident Ruth Hausman.

    Alaska Veterans & Pioneers Home

    Christmas festivities are celebrated at each of our homes. Family and friends of the
    residents are always welcome. We would like to share some of the fun that was had
    at the Veterans & Pioneers Home in Palmer, Alaska.

    Resident Anna Davis, with a Social Wookie (the social worker, A'lise Bruns' dog).

    Resident Roy (Santa) Hooper ready to
    take off in his sleigh!

    Residents Kai Anderson and June Allen gather around the Christmas tree with staff member, Mitch Flagg.