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Resident & Family Information

The services we provide our residents


The Alaska Pioneer Homes is a licensed by the State of Alaska assisted living facility. There are six Alaska Pioneer Homes statewide with a total of 508 beds. For the last decade the Alaska Pioneer Homes have been licensed as assisted living facilities, offering a high degree of professional services to meet residents' needs. Typically, residents of the homes are not able to live without some form of daily assistance. They may require nursing and other physical and emotional support services offered in a licensed assisted living facility.

Professional services range from assurance of a safe environment and occasional help with daily life skills, to assistance with health care, personal care and other support services including end of life care. Many residents receive a level of service that qualifies for the Older Alaskan Home and Community-Based Medicaid waiver.

All six of the Alaska Pioneer Homes are registered Eden Alternative Homes. The Eden Alternative is based on the core belief that aging should be a continued stage of development and growth rather than a period of decline.

Our residents

Occupancy of Pioneer Homes fluctuates, but system-wide as of June 30 2009 there are 462 residents, of whom 110 are veterans. All residents require a safe home environment, room and board and opportunities for social interaction and recreation. Of the 471 residents, 256 require high levels of professional care available 24-hours a day. Another 131 residents need assistance with basic living skills at some time during the day, and 60 residents are fairly independent, occasionally requiring emergency assistance. There are 2,961 qualified Alaska residents on the waiting list, which means they are over age 65 and intend to enter one of the Pioneer Homes in the future.


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