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Alaska Pioneer Homes

Iron Chef Challenge pie contest sweetens the day!

Another Iron Chef Challenge brought out some winning pies to celebrate the 4th of July. The contest was open to residents, family, staff and friends of the Anchorage Pioneer Home.

Scores were based on a number system which gave points for taste, creativity and best presentation.
The judges had a difficult time with their decisions this year yielding a tie for second place. All the pies
were delicious and visually exceptional. The top four winners were:

    • 1st place: Freddie Erickson, APH resident
    • TIE - 2nd place: Dot Besch, APH resident
             2nd place: Rob Schafer, APH transportation employee
    • 3rd place: Patty Wilkenson, APH housekeeping employeee

Pie and ice cream was served while a lovely guest vocalist sang patriotic songs for the residents and attendees.

First-place winner APH resident Freddie Erickson, accepts the Iron Chef Challenge award from Administrator Rich Saville. Freddie made her winning strawberry rhubarb pie with delicious homemade crust.

Above: Third place went to Patty Wilkenson with her star-studded cherry-blueberry pie.

Right: Dot Besch's flag-decorated strawberry creme pie was one of the pies that tied for second place.

Above: The other tie-winner for seond place went to a chocolate-peanut butter pie created by
Rob Schafer.
Activities staff member, Barbara Seward, serves up the pie.
The judges begin the tasting!