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Alaska Pioneer Homes

It’s prime for pumpkin time!

The Anchorage Pioneer Home kicked off the holiday season with its 17th Iron Chef Competition. The popular event drew the largest group of entries yet with 18 competitors. With pumpkin as the theme, there was an interesting variety of dishes, including shrimp pumpkin fritters.

The judges had the difficult but sweet job of choosing the Iron Chef winner. The top five:

    1. First place went to Gordon Jaynes for his Swedish dish of pumpkin-filled krumkake. Gordon is a family member and one of the musicians with the Button Box Gang who entertained everyone at the party.

    2. Second place was taken by Conchita Bulaong for her creative graveyard pumpkin pie. She is with the food service staff of the Anchorage Pioneer Home.

    3. Third place went to Myla Gapandan, who is part of the Home’s nursing staff, for her delicious shrimp pumpkin fritters.

    4. Fourth place was for a beautiful pumpkin Bundt cake decorated with autumn leaves by Albert Tucker, also part of the food service staff.

    5. Fifth place was a tie between Rich Saville, APH Administrator, and the Assistant Administrator, Jerri Vansandt. Rich baked pumpkin brownies with swirls of chocolate, and Jerri’s cream-filled pumpkin roll was rockin’.

​First Place winner Gordon Jaynes shows
off his iron chef skillet award for his
Swedish pumpkin-filled krumkake.

From left, second place went to Conchita Bulaong's graveyard pie and third place winner was Myla Gapandan for her unique shrimp fritters.
​Fourth place went to a beautifully decorated pumpkin Bundt cake by
Albert Tucker.

A tie for fifth was between
Rich Saville's chocolate swirl
pumpkin brownies, left, and
Jerri Vansandt's delicious
pumpkin roll below.
The Button Box Gang provided music and entertainment for the event.