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Performance Management System

The Division of Behavioral Health (DBH) mission is to manage an integrated and comprehensive behavioral health system based on sound policy, effective practices and partnerships. Assessing fulfillment of the mission requires evaluating outcomes of services, as well as, other identified performance indicators. State and federal funding entities are concerned with the quality and access of services supported by public resources. Collecting information about performance and outcomes helps the DBH and other stakeholders demonstrate treatment impact and justify requests for federal block grant and state appropriated funding. Service providers can use performance and outcome data to make resource allocation decisions and improve service delivery. Consumers and their families can use the information to make better choices about the treatment options.

Performance and outcome measures can be used in multiple ways: (1) assess overall system functioning and effectiveness, (2) assess disparities of care, and (3) satisfy federal, state, department and local reporting requirements. From the system perspective, the Division of Behavioral Health will explore the extent to which improvements are being made within priority populations, such as persons with serious mental illness, substance abusing women with children, or persons in rural service areas. Answers to these broad questions will lead to improvements in care.

Provider organizations may use the DBH performance measures and indicators for planning and evaluating performance improvement activities; for soliciting new funding; for reallocating existing staff or other resources.

The DBH performance measures system uses indicators that are based on mission-driven values of various planning organizations: the Alaska Mental Health Board, the Advisory Board on Alcohol and Drug Abuse, and The Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority, and reflect concerns of state and national consumer groups, providers and other stakeholders interested in quality behavioral health care.

The DBH Performance Measures System continues to be developed through the Outcomes Identification & Systems Performance Project (OISPP).