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Reporting Performance Indicators

The goal of the Division of Behavioral Health “Performance Management System” is:

To develop a continuous quality improvement process to guide policy development and decision making in improving the behavioral health of Alaskans

The Performance Management System has three broad components concerning:
A. the service delivery system
B. population-based planning
C. DBH management indicators

A. The Service Delivery System
The project develops performance measures for the pubic service delivery system to evaluate and monitor the Division of Behavioral Health and grantees. The intent is to develop quantitative data for use in a continuous quality improvement process. The performance measures address three basic questions for the priority population of the Division:
1. Are the services of high quality?
2. Is the behavioral health system efficient, productive, and effective?
3. Do services produce the desired impact on the quality of life of consumers?

B. Broad Population Planning
Data will be collected on broad population issues to support planning for behavioral health. The project is concerned with three additional questions concerning individuals who are not receiving services.
4. Are Alaskans who need services getting them, and able to get them conveniently?
5. Do Alaskans with behavioral health disorders live with a high quality of life?
6. Are efforts taking place to prevent or lessen problems that result in consumers needing services?

C. The DBH Management Indicators
The DBH Management Indicators component will address performance indicators useful in the management of the service delivery system. Performance measures will be developed to assist in meeting the needs of the population with the existing or needed resources, form policy development and assist in financial planning. These performance measures feed into a continuous quality improvement process.
The three components together address the fundamental areas of concern for individuals with serious behavioral health disorders.