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Alaska Strategic Prevention Framework State Incentive Grant


Epidemiology Workgroup

The State Epidemiology Workgroup (SEW) functions as a collective of multidisciplinary professionals experienced in surveillance and data analysis as well as substance use, program management, research and strategy development. The responsibility of the SEW is to develop a systematic, scientific process to determine state prevention priorities related to substance use consumption, consequences and influences. This process includes, but is not limited to, the review of all potential substance-related indicators; assessment of issues impacting the past, present, and future quality of the data used for indicators; and to determine the overall data relevance in order to categorically rank substance-related prevention priorities and present findings to the Alaska SPF SIG Advisory Group.

More broadly, the SEW is responsible for 1) on-going review of substance-related consumption, consequence, and influences data summaries that best describe substance use, abuse, dependency, prevention and treatment in Alaska; 2) identify data gaps and measures for data development to improve substance-related surveillance for future SPF activities; and 3) provide direction and advice on format and content of an annual report titled “Alaska’s Epidemiologic Profile on Substance Use, Abuse, and Dependency”.

Having reliable, timely and comprehensive substance use data over time will provide Alaska with a quality process for data-driven policies, practices and evaluation of prevention outcomes.

Archive of the State Epidemiology Workshop's Meeting Minutes

Epidemiology Workgroup Membership

  • M. Claire Schleder, Chair
    DHSS, Division of Behavioral Health
  • Ken Boegli
    Research Analyst III
    DHSS, Division of Behavioral Health          
  • Michael Powell, Ph.D
    DHSS, Division of Behavior Health
    Health Program Manager
    ASAP Program
  • Marny Rivera, Ph.D  
    Assistant Professor
    UAA Justice Center
  • Jake Musslewhite
    Research Analyst
  • Alaska Bureau of Vital Statistics
  • Jodi Trojan
    TCC Tribal SPF SIG
    Tribal SPF Evaluator
    Tanana Chiefs Conference
  • Laurie Orell, MPH, CPH
    Project Manager
    McDowell Group
  • Miles Brookes
  • Research Analyst                                                                 Alaska Department of Transportation
  • Gina Heffern
    Research Analyst II
    Adviosry Board on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse
  • Melissa Kemberling, PhD, MPH
    Director of Program Planning & Evaluation
    Matsu Health Foundation
  • Janet Johnston
  • Institute of Circumpolar Health Studies
  • Noelle Kennedy-Torres
    Program Coordinator & Compliance Monitor
  • Alaska Division of Juvenile Justice
  • Devon Lewis (Staff)
    DHSS, Division of Behavioral Health
    SPF SIG Project Assistant
    Prevention & Early Intervention Services
  • Michael Baldwin
    Evaluation & Planning Officer
    Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority
  • Carla Britton, PhD, MS
  • Lead Epidemiologist, Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium
  • Charles Utermohle
    DHSS, Division of Public Health
    Public Health Specialist II
    Chronic Disease
  • Mary McEwen
    Health Planner IV
    Division of Public Health