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Behavioral Health

Nugen's Ranch

Nugen’s Ranch is an established provider of Long-Term Adult Residential Substance Use Disorder Treatment Services.  This program focuses on providing a structured recovery environment, with rehabilitative services to indigent adults, aged 18 or older who present with dependence on chronic, disabling use/abuse of alcohol or other drugs, (with or without psychosis), IV users, and those individuals who present with co-occurring disorders from all regions of the State of Alaska.

Nugen’s Ranch has provided quality and effective services since its inception in 1981.  Nugen’s Ranch is located in a rural area on 116 acres at Point MacKenzie thirty miles outside of Wasilla, AK.  The program was built around the basic premise of providing a recovery environment that is safe, structured, stable and separate from the clients’ current environment that has contributed to their chronic alcohol and drug use.  The 24-hour residential component provides protection for the clients from the former drug life.  The program offers skills to prevent relapse and opportunities to make the major life changes necessary to establish and maintain a clean and sober lifestyle.  Treatment is provided through a structured daily schedule with activities that include community meetings, didactics, recreational/physical activities, reflective time, group and individual therapy, congregate meals as well as chores and duties related to running ranch operations including caring for livestock and greenhouse operations.  Integrating the work aspect of the program with traditional substance use disorder treatment adds value to the program and helps to establish work habits, normalcy, and a structured schedule.  Nugen’s Ranch staff has specified roles as they work and interact with clients and their families.  Practicing abstinence and employing acquired coping skills is built into all activities.

The long-term residential treatment program is an intense living situation that incorporates treatment activities with cognitive behavioral approach to treatment, 12 step facilitation and community life on a ranch.   The whole person approach functions in one regard, like that of a family, and in another, as a structured therapeutic environment that encourages and measures change.  The interaction of these two environments: provides a foundation that supports and encourages personal growth and the development of fundamental life skills.

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 Facility Details:
​    26731 Point MacKenzie Rd
Wasilla, AK 99654
Care level :
ASAM Level 3.1
Age Range :
Gender (s) :
Beds :
Length of stay :
9-12 Months
Contact Information:
Bridget Akerley
Intake Coordinator
Phone: (907) 376-4534
Direct: (907) 376-2348

Website: Nugen's Ranch