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Wallington House-Sex Offender Program, Juneau

Wallington House provides services to youth who have acted out sexually. There are 5 beds for boys who have been adjudicated of a sexual offense and are in custody of the state. There is one bed for non-adjudicated youth in family custody.


Wallington House clients attend school in a self-contained classroom staffed by Juneau School District teachers/aides, located in the Miller House facility. Clients with Special Education requirements receive individualized services depending on individual need.

Treatment Approach

Many clients come to us with multiple issues related to substance use, anger, family relationships, PTSD and FASD. Common diagnoses are Sexual Disorder, Conduct Disorder, and Oppositional Defiant Disorder. The Wallington House program incorporates aspects of Relapse Prevention, Wellness Planning, and Positive Peer Culture. We look at each individual as a whole and focus on well being: mental, emotional, spiritual, social, physical. Learning and integrating new social and life skills is crucial to clients' success in the program. Wallington House includes families and incorporates each client's cultural background in the treatment process.

 House Details:
​   PO Box 32839
Juneau, AK 99803
Type of House:
Sex Offender
Care level :
Age Range :
12-18 years
Gender(s) :
Beds :
Staff to Client Ratio :
Length of stay :
16-24 months
Contact Information:
Karie Sheggeby
Program Coordinator
(907) 523-6518