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The Alaska Automated Information Management System (AKAIMS)


AKAIMS Project Overview



The goal of the AKAIMS project is to develop, implement, and maintain an evolving, web-based application and database that serve the dual purpose of a management information system (MIS) and an electronic medical record (EMR).  As an MIS reporting tool, the system allows the Division to meet current and emerging State and Federal reporting requirements, such as state Quarterly Reporting, Treatment Episode Data Set (TEDS), Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA), both Mental Health and Substance Abuse Block Grants and the National Outcome Measurements (NOMs). 
As an Electronic Health Record (EHR), AKAIMS provides an agency the ability to create a full Electronic Health Record (EHR) compliant with HIPAA and 42-CFR part II standards.  Furthermore, the system gives grantee providers a management tool which allows them to assess clients, administer facilities, manage waitlists, measure data completeness, and measure staff productivity and collect outcome data in real-time with a secure, web-based framework.