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Advisory Board


  • Provided for organizational planning and management of API Alaska Recovery Center, including its budget, mission, and strategic plan.

  • Offers guidance and direction in the development and promulgation of hospital policy and procedures.

  • Provides leadership to ensure API Alaska Recovery Center has a functional quality improvement program and appoints medical staff.

  • Oversees API’s ongoing efforts to provide the highest possible level of inpatient care.

  • Ensures that there is a process for community input and information exchange relevant to API Alaska Recovery Center’s services and operations.

  • Advocates for and supports the role API Alaska Recovery as an integral part of the full continuum of Alaska’s mental health services.


Advisory Board Meeting Calendar

Alaska Psychiatric Institute
3700 Piper Street

Time: 9:00 am-1:00 pm

Summer Meeting - November 14, 2014
Winter Meeting - February 13, 2015
Spring Meeting - May 8, 2015

Advisory Board Members:

Cathy Cooley Chair   

Paul Cornils Chair Elect 
Kathy Trawver - DLC Seat      
Craig Williamson - ABHA Seat
Barbara Franks - ANTHC Seat
Joan E. Strutz-Ozan - Rural Seat
Vacant -  4 Consumer Seats
Vacant - 1 Youth Seat
Albert Wall DBH Director Ex-Officio Seat
Melissa E. Ring API CEO Ex-Officio Seat
Jenny Love, MD API Medical Director, Ex-Officio Seat