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Cornerstone-Emergency Shelter, Juneau

The program serves youth in custody of the state, as well as youth in custody of their families. Youth can also bring themselves to Cornerstone if they need a safe place to stay. Youth come to the shelter for many different reasons and residents may stay for several weeks and others for only a few hours or days. The program is welcoming and supportive of all youth, no matter why they are there. Families may also need a “time-out” and this is a common reason for a placement. The program has full time clinical staff that provides assessments and group therapy as well as some individual therapy. The program works closely with families. Mediation services are provided as well as treatment team meetings. The shelter also regularly provides services to youth waiting for placement in other JYS program, as well as provides assessment and stabilization for youth between placements.

Mobile Crisis Unit

MCU is a street outreach program that runs 7 shifts a week. MCU staff spend time providing on the street and in home outreach to youth in the community who are at risk of running away or who have run away. The program builds strong relationships with youth and provides crisis intervention to them when they are most in need. Staff often go into homes to provide mediation services and crisis support.

 House Details:
​   10815 Blackbear Road
Juneau, AK 99801
Type of House:
The program serves youth in custody of the state
Care level :
Age Range :
Gender(s) :
Beds :
Staff to Client Ratio :
Length of stay :
Short-term crisis intervention
Website :
Contact Information:
Blake Galvin
Program Coordinator
(907) 789-7654