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Prevention and Early Intervention
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Genevieve Casey
Project Coordinatior
Phone: (907) 465-4984 
350 Main Street, Suite 214
P.O. Box 110620
Juneau, Alaska 99811-0620


Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders


Division of Behavioral Health is recruiting for community-based FASD Case Managers!  More Information here




Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Program


The mission of the Division of Behavioral Health's section of Prevention and Early Intervention Services FASD Program is to prevent all alcohol-related birth defects and to improve the delivery of services to those individuals already affected by fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD).

To meet this mission four (4) primary goals have been established to address FASD across the state of Alaska:

1. Prevent fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD)
2. Diagnose children as early as possible
3. Improve lifelong outcomes for individuals with FASD through improved services
4. Document our progress and evaluate program outcomes

Our approach is community-driven with a focus on systems change and program improvement. We have placed a strong emphasis on the inclusion of families and caregivers as critical partners in our plan, as well as strong multidisciplinary partnerships with those many disciplines impacted by the effects of disabilities resulting from prenatal exposure to alcohol.


For a current list of FASD Diagnostic Teams in Alaska click HERE.

For a Google map link click HERE.