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Age Comparison

Age-appropriate vs. Developmental Age-appropriate Expectations

Age Chronological Age Expectations: Developmental Age with FASD:
5 Go to school
Follow 3 instructions
Interactive , cooperative play
Take turns
Take naps
Follow one instruction
Help mommy
Sit still for 5-10 minutes
Parallel play
Are active
"My way or no way"
6 Listen, pay attention for an hour
Read and write
Line up
Wait their turn
Remember events
Remember requests
Pay attention for about 10-minutes
Need to be shown and reminded
Don’t wait gracefully
Act impulsively
Need adult structure/reminders for tasks
10 Reads books without pictures
Learns from work sheets
Answers abstract questions
Knows right from wrong
Gets along with others, solves problems
Learns inferentially, academic and social
Physical stamina
Beginning to read , with pictures
Learn by doing, experientially
Mirror and echo words, behaviors
Supervised play , structured play
Learn from modeled problem solving
Developing sense of fairness
Easily fatigued by mental work
13 Are responsible
Organize themselves, plan ahead, follow through
Meet deadlines after being told once
Initiate , follow through
Appropriate social boundaries re : body space, appropriate touch
Establish and maintain friendships
Need reminding
Need visual cues, modeling
Simple expectations
Need prompting
Kinesthetic , tactile, lots of touching,in your space, just learning about boundaries
Early friendships
18 On the verge of independence
Maintain a job and graduate from school
Have a plan for life
Budget own money
Needs structure and guidance
Limited choices of activities
In the "here and now," little projection
Giggles, curiosity, frustration
Gets an allowance
Gets organized with the help of adults

Developed by Deb Evensen and Diane Malbin of FASCETS .