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Fairbanks Diagnostic Team

Team Name: Fairbanks Fetal Alcohol Community Evaluation Services (FACES)
Service Area: Fairbanks North Star Borough
Referral Criteria: Ages 5-14 years
Approximate Wait Time*: 2-4 months
Contact Person:

Jenn Wagaman

Alaska Center for Children and Adults
FACES Team Coordinator
1020 Barnette St.
Fairbanks, Alaska 99701
(907)456-4003 x126

*wait time refers to the time it will take upon submission of all paperwork to the time of first scheduled appointment.

The mission of the Fairbanks Fetal Alcohol Community Evaluation Services (FACES) Team is to facilitate the referral, screening, assessment and diagnosis of children experiencing difficulties related to prenatal exposure to alcohol. The team also offers information and training to community agencies and providers. The team plans to link children and their families with resources and advocate for services. The team vision is to improve the quality of life for individuals and their families, as well as to reduce the occurrence and impact of secondary disabilities.

The diagnostic process involves medical, psychological, occupational therapy and speech pathology assessments which look at the child's ability to function in the home, community and school. The team reviews referrals, confer with clients, collect records and coordinate assessments helpful for the diagnosis. Using information from these assessments, the team evaluates and makes recommendations for care.

Members of the Fairbanks FACES include: Marv Bergeson, Pediatrician; Mary MacFarlane, Pediatrician; Claudia French, Psychologist; John DeRuyter, Psychologist; Kristen Bradshaw, Occupational Therapist; Joan Franz, Occupational Therapist; Charlotte Cannon, SLP; Art Delaune, Tracy Smith, Charles Smith, Jackie Sunnyboy, and Jenn Wagaman all Parent Navigators; Shireen Deitrick, Coordinator.

The FACES Team is targeting children between the ages of five and fourteen.

These providers are from both private, non-profit and community agencies. The Fairbanks FACES is partially funded by a 5 year grant from the statewide FAS office, in the Department of Health and Social Services. Some assessments are funded through third party payment. Several agencies provide in-kind services; however, the team evaluation is accomplished through the volunteer efforts of providers on the team.