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The DHCS is excited to introduce MedExpert, our new partner who will be providing services to AMCCI members. On December 22, MedExpert began providing case management services and started making calls to AMCCI members.

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Alaska Medicaid Coordinated Care Initiative (AMCCI)


About the Initiative

The Division of Health Care Services (Division) is proud to announce an exciting new program, the Alaska Medicaid Coordinated Care Initiative (AMCCI). The new voluntary program will provide one-on-one case management services including care coordination, scheduling appointments, addressing barriers, and referrals to specialists and social service supports.

Do you know someone like Jenny and her mom? Jenny has juvenile diabetes. Jenny's mom moves around a lot. Sometimes they don't know where to go for check-ups or to get her medication. The hospital is nearby. Jenny's mom takes her to the emergency room when she feels sick.

Though Jenny’s story is an illustration, our hospitals regularly receive visits from Medicaid patients with similar complexities. With this new program, the Division can help patients like Jenny and her mother find a doctor's office or clinic to better monitor and manage her health needs wherever they live. If you know a patient who may benefit from this program, please complete the Member Referral form linked to this website.

Feedback Opportunity

We welcome your feedback. Your comments will assist the Division as we continue our work to improve the program.

Member Referral

We encourage our community stakeholders to refer members to the AMCCI. Your referrals will assist the Division identify members that may benefit from the AMCCI services.