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Alaska Background Check Program

The Background Check Program (BCP) has been developing a new, more efficient background check database program.  The system will allow providers to have more information at their fingertips and includes enhancements such as email reminders when fingerprints are due, provisional statuses are expiring and when final determinations are made.  We are in the final stages of testing the system and will be working with oversight divisions on training plans and materials.  Be on the lookout for further updates regarding training opportunities from the BCP and your oversight division in the near future.

If you are experiencing any difficulties in accessing the BCP Provider Log In page please use this link:


Background Check Program – Renewal Process
The BCP has begun the 6 year renewal process for individuals whose fingerprint results are expiring and for whom a new background check is required under regulation. Please see the updated Frequently Asked Questions section for a description of the renewal process.


The Alaska Background Check Program (BCP) provides centralized background check support for programs that provide for the health, safety, and welfare of persons who are served by the programs administered by the Department of Health and Social Services (DH&SS). Programs subject to the licensing and certification authority of DH&SS or are eligible to receive payments, in whole or in part, from the department are subject to the statutory requirements of: AS 47.05.300–47.05.390; Background Check Regulations:
7 AAC 10.900 -7 AAC 10.990




All fees and fingerprints cards, as applicable, must be received in the Background Check Program within 30 days of the application submission date.  All incomplete applications will be canceled on the 31st day.  This action cannot be reversed. Fees paid on incomplete applications will not be refunded.




A complete application includes the following:

·         Release of Information Form

·         $25 Application Fee

·         $51.50 Fingerprint processing fee, if applicable

One set of fingerprints, if applicable


Applications will not be processed until complete and those which remain incomplete after 30 days will be closed without further notice. In order to apply again, the applicant must submit a new application along with all the requirements.


Note: You will need a Facility Identification Number in order to submit a background check application. If you do not have this information, contact the BCP office at (907) 334-4475.


Credit card payment options are available to all providers. The BCP will accept payments via MasterCard, Visa and Discover. We encourage your facility to take advantage of this option for a more expeditious return of background checks.
In the meantime, if making cash or check payments, please make sure the exact amount is received and is for the correct applicant(s), as any errors may result in the delay of the background check.

Email notices are being sent out regularly, as updates and enhancements occur, as well as to provide important Program requirements. Please login to your facility site and ensure that the email address you have on file with the BCP is current and up-to-date.
We also ask that you regularly review the facility/applicant information in the database to make sure it is current and accurate AND close out any applicants that are no longer associated with your facility.



  • Application Guide
  • On-line Background Check Application. If necessary, contact the BCU office to coordinate the submission of hard copy applications. Please be aware that you may experience a delay in the processing of paper applications.
    Please note: Applications for background checks for students that are enrolled in a training program that requires them to participate in clinical rotations or other practicum activities as a part of their education should be entered as a student and not as a volunteer. The $25.00 application fee does apply to these individuals as well as the $51.50 fingerprint processing fee if applicable to that individual.
  • Release of Information Authorization Form. Prior to notification of results of a background check, including issuance of a provisional clearance, a signed Release of Information Authorization form must be received by the BCU.
  • One (1) complete fingerprint card within thirty (30) days of receipt of application
  • Required fees (checks payable to State of Alaska) must be submitted within thirty (30) days of receipt of application

The user manual will guide each agency through the process, step by step, of setting up and maximizing the features.



These answers are provided by the Background Check Program (BCP).

For questions concerning the background check statute or regulation, such as; the identification of individuals who are required to have a background check; the variance request process; or to obtain authorization to process background check applications through the Background Check Program, you must contact the division that licenses, certifies or otherwise monitors your program. The division contacts are listed on the FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS site.


On February 9, 2007, the DH&SS, BCP began processing background checks under the statutory requirements of AS 47.05.300–47.05.390, federal requirements, and 7 AAC 10.900-7 AAC 10.990.
The following contains information which may assist the agency in making a determination of suitability for an individual’s association within an agency:

  • AS 47.05.300–47.05.390. The current statute governing the background checks system used by the Department of Health and Social Services.
  • 7 AAC 10.900-7 AAC 10.990. The current regulation which provides a common, consistent definition of barrier conditions for all programs.
  • Changes to Regulations 7 AAC 10 - Licensing, Certification, and Approvals. Emergency regulations dealing with barrier crimes, criminal history checks, and the centralized registry have been adopted as permanent and become effective February 13, 2008. 7 AAC 10 was changed to allow the department to grant a variance under certain circumstances for individuals convicted of a crime that would otherwise be a permanent barrier under the regulations. The changes to the regulations include submittal requirements, criteria that the department will consider, and a review process that will be followed before a variance may be granted.
  • Barrier Crime Matrix. An easy to use barrier crime matrix developed using the barrier crimes identified in 7 AAC 10.900-7 AAC 10.990.

Your feedback is important. Please send all comments and suggestions to:

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please contact us at:

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