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Alaska Background Check Program (BCP)

The Alaska Background Check Program (BCP) provides centralized background check support for programs that provide for the health, safety, and welfare of persons who are served by the programs administered by the Department of Health and Social Services (DH&SS). Programs subject to the licensing and certification authority of DH&SS or are eligible to receive payments, in whole or in part, from the department are subject to the statutory requirements of:
NABCS: NABCS, the New Alaska Background Check System, was implemented November 12, 2014 and replaces the old system which is no longer available to providers.  Please see below for system information and other useful information.

User Access Links

Please use one of the links below to access NABCS. 

Access to the old system has been turned off to receiving any new information. New applications for background checks should be entered into the new system. System information is found below.

System Guides

The Background Check Program has developed the following guides and forms for the New Alaska Background Check System (NABCS):

Individual Applicants:


Division Oversights:

All Users:

Important Information

Please note incomplete applications will not be processed. Applications remaining incomplete after 30 days will be closed without further notice. In order to apply again, new applications will need to be submitted. A complete application includes the following:

  • Application
  • Electronic verification that you have a signed Release of Information in the individual’s personnel file.
  • Fees, if applicable: $25 Application for and $51.50 Fingerprint processing fee.
  • One set of fingerprints, if applicable.

Background Check Statutes and Regulations:

  • Background Check Statutes:
    AS 47.05.300–47.05.390. The current statute governing the background checks system used by the Department of Health and Social Services.
  • Background Check Regulations:
    7 AAC 10.900-7 AAC 10.990
    . The current regulation which provides a common, consistent definition of barrier conditions for all programs.
  • Barrier Crime Matrix:
    An easy to use barrier crime matrix developed using the barrier crimes identified in 7 AAC 10.900-7 AAC 10.990.

If you are having any difficulties with NABCS, please contact the BCP at 334-4475 or If you have programmatic questions, such as who is required to have a background check, or need a new provider account, contact your oversight division. Division contact is available on the Division Contact List.