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Newborn Notification Procedures


Listed below are frequently asked questions regarding DenaliCare pregnancy coverage.

You may click on a subject or scroll through this page and see if your question can be answered here before contacting your local Public Assistance Office. 


1. What is the correct process for notifying DenaliCare when a baby is born?

A report of birth may be submitted by the mother, provider, or hospital, via telephone, mail, fax via your local Public Assistance Office. Reports of birth should contain the name of the parent(s), mother's DenaliCare ID number or SSN, child's name, sex and date of birth.

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2. What happens after the DenaliCare office is notified of the birth of a baby?

The DenaliCare office will determine eligibility for the baby within ten days of receipt of the report of birth. Information will be available on the Eligibility Verification System (EVS) system within approximately one week after eligibility is established.

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3. How can this process mentioned in question 2 above be hastened for newborns requiring emergency medical treatment and/or emergency travel?

Emergency medical treatment is generally provided regardless of coverage. Providers generally cover true emergencies and can work on forms of payment after the fact. The health care provider or parent would call the DenaliCare office during business hours and explain the circumstances.

If the baby requires emergency travel, the report of birth may be telephoned to the DenaliCare office as soon as possible.

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4. How can a health care provider be assured that a newborn requiring emergency medical treatment will be eligible for Medicaid/DenaliCare?

A child born to a woman who is eligible for DenaliCare in the delivery month is automatically eligible for DenaliCare without an application. Eligibility for the newborn continues until the end of the month in which the child turns one year old if the child remains in the mother's household and both mother and child remain residents of Alaska.

A mother is not required to submit an application for DenaliCare for herself before delivery, but in order to have the birth month covered, the woman must apply within the three month retroactive period and be determined eligible for the month of birth. In other words, as long as the mother applies for and is eligible for DenaliCare for the birth month, even if she applies after the baby is born, the baby is eligible for Newborn coverage.

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