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Denali KidCare

Denali KidCare logoRenewing Your Coverage


Denali KidCare Renewal
(revised 01/04)

New ImageDenali Kidcare coverage lasts for 12 months at a time

    Watch for your pre-printed renewal in the mail and
    complete on time to ensure there are no breaks in coverage



Babies turning 1 year old born to mothers who had pregnancy coverage under Denali KidCare

About two weeks before your baby’s Denali KidCare coverage ends, you will receive a notice in the mail and a renewal form. This form will not be a pre-printed form. Please complete the renewal as soon as it is received, sign and mail it with documentation to the Denali KidCare office.


All other children:

Forty-five days before your Denali KidCare coverage ends, you will receive a pre-printed Denali KidCare Renewal form in the mail. The renewal will have most of your information that you entered on your last form pre-printed on the renewal.

To renew your coverage

Indicate any changes to the pre-printed information.

Make updates/additions to other information requested on the form.

Remember to sign the renewal form on page four

Sign page 2 of The New Citizenship/Identity Requirements form
(separate form included)

Include ALLdocumentation needed for your renewal to be complete.

Mail both forms and required documentation in the envelope provided or you may fax them to 269-0986 in the Anchorage area or toll free to 1-855-769-0986.

Questions About Renewals

1. How will families know their current Denali KidCare coverage is expiring?
They will receive a Renewal Form in the mail with instructions. They need to return the Renewal Form by the date indicated on the accompanying letter.


2. What happens if a card expires and a family doesn't renew on time?
The family will have to reapply for Denali KidCare. Families are sent two reminder letters before eligibility ends. The first letter is sent about 45 days before coverage ends and the final notice is sent about 15 days before coverage ends.


3. Is a faxed renewal form acceptable?
Yes. However, the renewal form must be complete with proof of income and any changes in health insurance. Please fax the renewal to 269-0986 in the Anchorage area or toll-free to 1-855-269-0986.