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Nursing Homes

Surveys are conducted for Nursing Homes every year on average. There are currently 18 Nursing Homes throughout Alaska that are licensed and certified. Information available on each facility can be found on the Medicare (Nursing Home Compare) website.

State MDS Coordinator — Angela Rick​, RN


  • The jRAVEN software Version 1.0 for MDS 3.0 Nursing Home and Swing Bed Submissions is available on the jRAVEN/RAVEN Download page of the QTSO website.
  • RAVEN 8.3 and RAVEN SB-2.0 users must retain their current software for support of MDS 2.0 assessments. Do not uninstall or remove this current software.

Nursing home Survey Process

Skilled Nursing Facility Inspection Report (CMS-2567)

Statement of Deficiencies - The State Agency prepares its certification for the CMS Regional Office and sends the facility a "Statement of Deficiencies," Form CMS-2567. The facility is given 10 calendar days in which to respond with a Plan of Correction (PoC) for each cited deficiency, and enters this response on the form containing the statement of deficiencies. The following list contains a CMS-2567 “Statement of Deficiencies” for each long term care facility in the state of Alaska.​