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If you would like to present your ideas or concerns about Alaska's Medical Assistance Program to the MCAC, you may send them to

The Medical Care Advisory Committee

The Medical Care Advisory Committee (MCAC) is a public advisory group charged with advising the State's Medicaid agency, the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services, on Medicaid policy and program changes.

Section 1902 (a) (4) of the federal Social Security Act (Title XIX) requires that each state establish a Medical Care Advisory Committee to advise the Medicaid agency in order to obtain federal matching funds for the Medicaid program.

The MCAC members meet quarterly via teleconference or face–to–face.

If you are interested in receiving an e-mail alert regarding upcoming MCAC meetings, please sign up at

Current Openings:

The Medical Care Advisory Committee is currently seeking volunteers to fill openings for members with these areas of expertise:
  • Consumer/Senior Advocate
  • Vice Chair
  • Behavioral Health Provider
  • Non-Governmental Social Services Agency Representative
  • Pharmacy Representative
If you are knowledgeable in one of these fields and have a good working knowledge of DHSS programs, please consider applying. Email us at

Committee members serve for three year terms. The group meets four times a year. One is a two-day in-person meeting on a Friday and a Saturday; the state covers travel, meals and lodging.