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Ketchikan Regional Youth Facility
3058 Fifth Avenue
Ketchikan 99901
Phone: 907 225-8900
Fax: 907 247-8900

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Director's Office
State of Alaska
Dept of Health & Social Services
Division of Juvenile Justice
240 Main Street, Suite 701
P.O. Box 110635
Juneau, AK 99811-0635

Tel: (907) 465-2212
Fax: (907) 465-2333

Ketchikan Regional Youth Facility

Ketchikan Regional Youth Facility

Opened in March 2002, the Ketchikan Regional Youth Facility is a unique, dual-function facility serving the needs of youth who need to be detained for delinquent behavior and those who have mental health issues requiring short-term evaluation, stabilization, and crisis respite services. The combination of these two services in one location is an innovative feature for a youth facility—both in Alaska and the rest of the country. This design enables program staff to meet the needs of residents in both units while reducing the administrative needs two facilities would require.

The Detention Unit provides secure confinement for up to six youth who have been arrested for criminal charges or violations or who are in need of custody due to severe intoxication. The four-bed mental health unit provides a short-term (1-15 days), safe environment for youth with serious emotional difficulties. This unit enables youth to stay in the community during sub-acute episodes, while still receiving the structure and support they need to succeed.

The KRYF Mental Health Clinician works closely with community mental health providers to ensure continuity of care and to effectively plan for each youth’s return to the community.


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