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Dillingham Probation Services
P. O. Box 1290
Dillingham, AK 99576
Phone: 907 842-2341 or 842-5237
Fax: 907 842-5924
Toll Free: 1-888-297-5951

Kenai Probation Services
405 Marathon Road
Kenai, AK 99611
Phone: 907 335-3100
Fax: 907 335-3134
Kodiak Probation Services
204 Mission Road
Room 131
Kodiak, AK 99615
Phone: 907 486-4788
Fax: 907 486-3516
Mat-Su Probation Services
581 Outer Springer Loop Rd
Palmer, AK 99645
Phone: 907 746-1630
Fax: 907 746-1633
Valdez Probation Services
P. O. Box 2229
Valdez, AK 99686
Phone: 907 835-3148
Fax: 907 461-0451
Out of Area Phone: 1-888-297-5950


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South Central Region Probation Services

With field offices in Dillingham, Kodiak, Kenai, Palmer, and Valdez, the Southcentral region covers an area of some 1,300 miles from the tip of the Aleutian Islands in the west to the Prince William Sound/Canadian border in the east.  This is roughly equivalent to the distance between New York City and New Orleans and in sheer area is larger than 46 of the 49 states.  Twenty-three probation staff serve this large and diverse region through four stand-along field offices (Dillingham, Kodiak, and Valdez) and two offices collocated with DJJ detention facilities (Mat-Su Youth Facility and Kenai Peninsula Youth Facility).  The regional supervisor is based in Palmer with administrative support provided through the McLaughlin Youth Center in Anchorage.

South Central Juvenile Probation utilizes a trauma informed and balanced approach to delinquency intervention.  Offender accountability, victim restoration, community protection, and offender competency development are all considered when determining the appropriate intervention in any given case.  Formal court intervention, while a useful tool, is not the only means of addressing delinquency issues.  Given that for many youth an informal, strength-based approach can be quite effective, South Central Probation continues to support and foster the expansion of diversion opportunities to youth, community and tribal court diversion programs.

Contact Information


Regional Probation Supervisor:
Sean Owens
(907) 761-7224