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The Child Care Program Office (CCPO), under the Department of Health and Social Services, Division of Public Assistance, is very pleased to announce the Child Care Grant (CCG) Program has been updated with new policies and procedures effective January 1, 2014. These updates align with the CCPO’s mission to “support families in accessing quality child care” and vision to ensure “safe, healthy child care is available and affordable for all families in Alaska.”

The CCG Program is authorized under Alaska Statute 47.25.071 and the Alaska Administrative Code 7 AAC 39. The purpose of the CCG Program is to promote quality child care by assisting licensed child care providers who care for children of families participating in the State of Alaska Child Care Assistance Program. Providers may be reimbursed for some operational costs associated with their facilities through monthly reimbursements based on child attendance. The CCG Program promotes quality child care by supporting and encouraging professional development, the retention of early childhood care and education professionals, and safe and healthy environments for children in care. The categories of allowable CCG expenditures for reimbursement related to costs associated with maintaining the operation of facilities are: staff salaries and benefits; providing for substitute care; health and safety; equipment, supplies and activities for children in care; and child development education and training.

The new CCG Policy and Procedures Manual and forms will be available on the CCPO’s website January 2, 2014 at:

The revised Child Care Grant Attendance Report Form CC14 and Child Care Grant Reimbursement Request CC15 forms, electronic or manual, must be used for your submission in February 2014 for the service month of January 2014.  Please don’t forget to attach your receipts and/or the Child Care Grant Reimbursement for Staff Salaries and Benefits or Substitute Care 06-4031 form with submissions beginning the service month of January 2014.

In mid-January the CCPO will be sending the new Electronic version of the Child Care Grant Attendance Report Form CC14 and Child Care Grant Reimbursement Request CC15 with Instructions,via email, to each child care facility with a working email on file with the CCPO. These forms will already be uploaded with information specific for each facility, and will auto-populate and auto-calculate making them much easier to use and less error prone. If a facility does not receive an email with their facility’s information by January 22nd they should contact the CCPO with an updated email and request these forms be sent.

Child care facilities that do not have a working email on file will be contacted for alternative arrangements. In addition, technical assistance for using the Electronic forms will be available through GoToMeeting allowing participants to access the meeting through their computer and phone without having to attend in person.  GoToMeetings have been set up for Friday, January 24 and Tuesday, February 4 at 12:00pm.  Those interested in participating in the GoToMeeting should contact Janice Braden, Program Coordinator, II, at 269-4508 or toll free at 1-888-268-4632 for meeting access information specific to the date attending. The Child Care Grant Attendance Report Form CC14 and Child Care Grant Reimbursement Request CC15 will also be available in a Manual version accessible through the CCPO website January 2, 2014.

Please Note: “After March 31, 2014, only the revised Electronic and Manual versions of the Child Care Grant Attendance Report Form CC14 06-3923 (Rev. 01/14) and Child Care Grant Reimbursement Request CC15 06-3923 (Rev. 01/14) will be accepted by the CCPO.”

Prior to finalizing the revision of the Child Care Grant Program, the CCPO held statewide Informational Meetings, posted a Public Notice, announced it on the CCPO website and sent Broadcasts to child care providers and early childhood care and education partners. Thank you to everyone who worked to implement these changes and took the time to read and comment on the Child Care Grant changes in policies and procedures.