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Contact for Heating Assistance:

Email HAP Staff at:


(907) 465-3058

Benefit Information Hotline:

(Outside Anchorage)

(907) 269-5777
(In Anchorage)

(907) 465-3319

Toll Free Fax

10002 Glacier Highway
Suite 200
Juneau, AK 99801-8569

FY 2017 Income Guidelines

​# of
in Home
​1 ​$1,855
​2 ​$2,502
​3 ​$3,150
​4 ​$3,797
​5 ​$4,445
​6 ​$5,092
​7 ​$5,740
​8 ​$6,390
​9 ​$7,040
​10 ​$7,690
​11 ​$8,340
​12 ​$8,990
​13 ​$9,640
​14 ​$10,290
​15 ​$10,940
​16 ​$11,590
​17 ​$12,240
​18 ​$12,890


Heating Assistance Program (HAP)


The State of Alaska Heating Assistance Program (HAP) can help eligible residents defray their winter heating costs.  It is not designed to pay a household’s entire winter bill.  Households should be prepared to pay a portion of their annual heating costs.


 How To Complete Your State of Alaska Heating Assistance Application

The State's program closed on April 30, 2016. It will reopen again on October 1, 2016.
house with ice
The Heating Assistance Program is also administered by 13 Tribal organizations in Alaska.  Please see the section below titled “Areas Served By Tribal Organizations” for a listing of those organizations, how to reach them, and the communities they serve. Some tribal programs operate year-round.

Subsidized Rental Housing Utility Deposit (SRHUD)

Helps pay a utility deposit when households are moving into Section 8 or subsidized rental housing, provided that heat is included in the rent. Applications for the Subsidized Rental Housing Utility Deposit are accepted throughout the year.
Adobe Acrobat Document2016 SHRUD Program application. This application is used for the Subsidized Rental Housing Utility Deposit (SRHUD) program. Please call the Heating Assistance office to request an application.

NOTE: Completed forms should not be returned over email. Email should be used with discretion when relaying or requesting confidential or timely information, as documents may be delayed or rerouted and breaches of document confidentiality may occur.


Other Resources

211 – Alaska’s Statewide Agency Hotline.  Dial 211, let them know what community you live in and what type of help you are looking for.  They will direct you to agencies in your area who can assist. 
Unmet Needs – Program designed to assist America's service members who have been deployed in the last six years and have run into unexpected financial difficulties as a result of deployment or other military-related activity. The program provides financial aid of up to $5,000 to assist with basic life needs in the form of a grant - not a loan - so no repayment is required. To further ease the burden, we pay the creditor directly. For more information call 1-866-789-6333 or email them at ​​​​​​​​​