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Welcome to the WIC Vendor section.

The WIC program provides eligible participants with nutrition and health education, healthy foods and referrals to health and social service agencies. More information about the WIC program may be found under the link for WIC participants.

The State WIC agency partners with vendors to assure that participants have access to the nutritious foods prescribed for their needs. Vendors may be retail grocery stores, military commissaries or pharmacies that only provide special infant formulas. The criteria for a vendor to be authorized include: submission of a vendor application, meeting all selection criteria, having a satisfactory store inspection, stocking the required WIC foods and/or infant formulas and selling them at competitive prices. For more information about these and other requirements, policies and procedures, select a link from below:


June 2015 Price Survey

       (Completed Price Surveys are due June 26, 2015 , 2015 to

June 2015 Price Survey Instructional Bulletin

June 2015 Price Survey Cover Letter

Alaska WIC Minimum Stock Requirements

WIC Product Exemption Request Form


Vendor Training PowerPoint Presentation
Alaska WIC New Food Submissions
WIC Vendor Forms
Vendor Authorization Forms
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Vendor Newsletters and Updates
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The WIC Program will replace Similac Sensitive Isomil Soy with the Enfamil Prosobee Soy formula on October 1, 2012. Note: Prosobee Soy will not appear on WIC warrants before October 1, 2012. More info here.

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