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Fire Safety facts and suggestions



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Burns and Fire-Related Injury Prevention

Find out about Fire Prevention!

It's always Fire Prevention Time! 

Read the Governor's October 2011 Proclamation

Take time to safeguard your self anytime by doing the following:

  • Test Smoke Detectors & Alarms (1x/month)
  • Change Batteries (yearly or as needed)
  • Plan and practice fire escape routes (2x/year)
  • Identify and remove fire hazards from your home (continuous)

Go to CDC Fire Prevention or the American Red Cross for more information and to find out about national events and efforts!

Quick Facts

  • Nationally, what percentage of fire-related deaths were the result of home fires?
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Questions and Answers

  • In 2008, U.S. fire departments responded to 386,500 home fires. These fires killed 2,755 civilians. Eighty-three percent of all fire deaths resulted from home fires.