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Fire Safety facts and suggestions



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Burns and Fire-Related Injury Prevention

Rural Areas

Self-reliance is the key factor for fire safety for many Alaskans.  Fire departments may be too far away, or even non-existent.  Most residential fires occur in the winter.

  • Keep a defensible space around your home and buildings.
  • There's little margin for error when your home and lives are at stake.  During the winter months, many people keep paints, oil, fuel, engines inside to prevent freezing. These items need to be stored in appropriate containers. Learn more about fuel safety.
  • Maintain access to a water supply and/or extinguishers.
  • Make your address clearly visible from the road.  Ask the Borough to replace road/street signs when necessary.
  • Fire trucks need at least 12' entry and driveways.
  • Clean chimneys each year.  Test smoke alarms monthly!
  • Plan ahead for a fire disaster. Make sure you have a place to survive, if your house burns down.