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    Program Contacts

    3601 C Street, Suite 722
    Anchorage AK 99503
    Phone: (907) 269-2020
    Fax: (907) 269-5446

    Obesity Prevention and Control Program


    Alaskans can prevent many diseases and early deaths if they grow up at a healthy weight and maintain that healthy weight throughout their life. About 1 out of 3 Alaska children is overweight or obese, as are 2 out of 3 adults.

    Our mission is to improve Alaskans’ quality of life and lower related health care costs. Our work focuses on reducing obesity-related disease and death from diabetes, heart disease, stroke, cancers and other health problems linked to a lack of physical activity and poor nutrition.

    Our program:
    • Helps young Alaskans grow up healthy by improving physical activity and nutrition in schools and child care programs
    • Supports building a healthy workforce by improving the availability of healthy foods and drinks in workplaces
    • Helps Alaskans be physically active by ensuring convenient routes for walking and biking to schools, parks and stores​
    • Educates the public through the Play Every Day campaign on ways to maintain a healthy weight though nutrition and physical activity
    • Collects, evaluates and reports on obesity trends, physical activity and nutrition behaviors​ among children and adults

    Individuals, communities and schools can do the following:

    Support Alaskans to adopt healthy habits that can lower their risk for weight-related diseases:

    • Maintaining a healthy weight,
    • Getting regular physical activity,
    • Limiting sugary drink consumption, and
    • Supporting breastfeeding to help infants grow up at a healthy weight.

    Join our partnership with Healthy Futures​, so more elementary schools participate and more children log their daily physical activity and build the healthy habit of staying active.

    Talk with your health care provider about ways to maintain a healthy weight.