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Early Care and Education

Young boy and girl in preschool wearing wolf hats made of construction paper. 

Next to families, early care and education (ECE) settings have more influence on the health and weight of young children (birth to 5 years old) than any other environment. A healthy ECE environment can help children be healthy, ready to learn and grow up at a healthy weight. ECE providers can help young children develop healthy eating and physical activity habits that can last their lifetime.

A healthy ECE environment should:

  • Encourage healthy eating
  • Provide healthy beverages
  • Get kids moving
  • Limit screen and media time
  • Support breastfeeding

Resources for Alaska's ECE Providers

    Go NAPSACC (Nutrition and Physical Activity Self-Assessment for Child Care) provides easy-to-use online tools for ECE programs to help support children’s healthy eating and physical activity. One-on-one coaching from an Alaska Go NAPSACC Consultant and resources are available to help ECE providers reach their goals. Learn more about Alaska’s Go NAPSACC program here.
  • pdf​Wellness Guidelines for Alaska’s Young Children: A Toolkit for Child Care Providers and Families (2017)​
    This toolkit provides quick and easy information on a variety of policies and practices for obesity prevention in the ECE setting. The Wellness Guidelines follow the national standards from Caring for Our Children: National Health and Safety Performance Standards.
  •  Wellness Tips for Alaska’s Young Children -
    Parent Handouts

    These parent handouts can help ECE providers educate and engage families in continuing healthy behaviors at home:
  • web pageWellness Guidelines e-Learning Modules 
    The Alaska Department of Education and Early Development hosts web-based, interactive training courses for ECE educators. Earn free continuing education hours for these nutrition and physical activity modules:
    • Wellness Guidelines: Module 1 – Weight Matters
    • Wellness Guidelines: Module 2 – Nutrition in the Classroom
    • Wellness Guidelines: Module 3 – Physical Activity in the Classroom
    • Wellness Guidelines: Module 4 – Serving Healthy Food
    • Wellness Guidelines: Module 5 – Serving Local and Traditional Foods
  • webpageAlaska Alliance for Healthy Kids - ECE Listserv
    Join this listserv to get the latest resources and learn what’s happening in nutrition and physical activity for ECE programs in Alaska.

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For more information about PAN Early Care Education, please email Diane Peck, MPH, RDN or call 907-269-8447.