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School-based policies and programs

Elementary school girl holding a tray filled with a healthy lunch in the school cafeteria. 

Next to families, the school has more influence on the lives of young people than any other social institution. Schools can improve the health and education of young people and prepare them to be healthy and productive adults. While it is understood that schools alone cannot be expected to address all student health issues, schools are in a unique position to reduce the burden of childhood obesity.

School based programs provide a focal point in which families, community organizations, businesses, health care workers and youth themselves can focus on the well-being of young people. Strong wellness policies are a key component of obesity prevention in schools. This combination of better student health education, more physical activity, good nutrition and community engagement will reduce the prevalence the childhood obesity in Alaska.

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For more information about PAN in School settings, please email: Lauren Kelsey, MPH or call (907) 269-8165