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Tobacco-Free Alaska Grantee Resources Page 

View our new video on using the Ask-Advise-Connect model to increase tobacco quit attempts:

View the "Know Your Heart" video on the health harms of Secondhand Tobacco Smoke

Download the factsheet on the health harms of tobacco on the Heart
(taken from the Surgeon General's report; full report below): ​Heart Disease 

Download the Surgeon General's full report: A Report of the Surgeon General | How Tobacco Smoke Causes Disease


In 2011, tobacco use cost Alaska $563 million – from the combined cost of direct medical expenditures and lost productivity due to tobacco-related deaths.

The use of tobacco products remains the nation’s number one cause of preventable death, killing more than 480,000 Americans and nearly 600 Alaskans each year from direct use and exposure to secondhand tobacco smoke (Alaska Tobacco Facts 2014). Ongoing research shows even more health harms and deadly consequences from direct smoking and exposure to secondhand smoke.

Alaska Facts and Figures

NEW - 2017 Alaska Tobacco Facts 

Protect our People

Too many Alaskans have lost loved ones to tobacco use. We can change the story, but it takes all of us in our communities.

  • Parents are quitting tobacco as role models for their children,
  • Tribal and community leaders are creating smoke-free workplaces,
  • Youth are taking action to make their schools healthy, tobacco-free places, and
  • Elders are passing down knowledge and traditions, not tobacco.

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