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Rural and Community Health Systems

Alaska Emergency Medical Services


Every 2nd and 4th Friday from 10:00-11:00am

EMS Response to COVID - Guidance and Updates

Alaska Responders Relief Line 1-844-985-8275

Just as you are there for your patients, please know your behavioral health colleagues are standing by for you. If you're feeling anxious, having trouble sleeping, depressed, need help coping, or just want to talk to someone about your day, please call 844-985-8275 anytime. Download and share the AK Responders Relief Line Flyer.

EMS Certification

Manage your Alaska EMT certification online with the Alaska EMS Certification Management System.

Patient Reporting

Aurora 2.0 users are currently transitioning to the AURORA Elite platform which yields NEMSIS 3.0 compliant data. If your agency is still using 2.0 contact your regional data manager for information. AURORA Elite Login

Investigations & Compliance

The Alaska State Office of EMS is responsible for investigations to ensure EMS providers and medical transportation organizations comply with Certification, Licensure, and Administrative Codes and requirements. 

To request an investigation, please fill out the Alaska EMS Investigation Request Form completely and email form to EMS Investigations

EMS Regulation Notices

You can find public notices on the Alaska Online Public Notices page here

Recently Published:  

Administrative Code - Title 7 - Department of Health and Social Services regulations re:  emergency medical services7 AAC 26, Published in Register: 231, October 2019