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COVID-19 vaccine information for healthcare workers

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Become a COVID-19 Vaccine Provider

COVID-19 vaccination providers will enroll in the CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Program administered by the Alaska Immunization Program, a program within the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services.

Recent updates

  • Vaccine appointment scheduling:
    Starting Wednesday, December 30 at 12 PM, a link to a vaccine appointment scheduling tool will be available for people in Phase 1a, Tier 3. The link will be provided on the main COVID-19 vaccine webpage.
  • Extra doses in Pfizer vials:
    FDA has approved the use of additional Pfizer COVID vaccine doses within each vial.  Partial remaining doses cannot be combined.  The amount of vaccine you are able to pull from the vial is dependent on the needle size.  If you can guarantee that the needle size you use for the first doses will be the same needle size for the follow up second doses then you should be able to pull the same amount of vaccine out of each vial.  We can’t guarantee that the needle sizes in the ancillary kits will be the same, so you need to be able to guarantee this from your own supply of needles.  We will provide additional clarification as we receive it.
  • Anaphylaxis:
    Informational resource for clinics: Anaphylaxis handout (PDF)

What to expect after enrollment

After program enrollment and training are complete, providers will be notified when they are able to order vaccine through VacTrAK. Allocation of vaccine is decided by the Alaska Allocation Advisory Committee, which is working closely with partners and providers. Once vaccine orders are placed, vaccine will be shipped along with the following supplies:

Stay informed

The CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Program Provider Agreement expressly incorporates all recommendations, requirements, and other guidance that the agreement specifically identifies. Organizations must monitor such identified guidance for updates. Organizations must comply with such updates. Updates will be posted on the following webpages:

Required training

Each facility Vaccine Coordinator and Back-up Vaccine Coordinator is required to complete the required training and return the training attestation form to


As an enrolled provider in the CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Program, your facility will be eligible to order COVID-19 vaccine through the Alaska Immunization Program and administer COVID-19 vaccine.


Review these COVID-19 Vaccination Program Frequently Asked Questions (PDF). If you don't see the answer, please contact

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