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Infectious Disease
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Thanks for being a Covid Conscious business owner!

While Alaskans’ efforts to keep the spread low have made a difference, COVID-19 is still a serious health concern in Alaska. There’s a lot you can do as a business owner to help keep your workforce and clients safe.

Review available guidance when planning your approach:

  • Consult local authorities to see what additional mandates or guidance will apply to your business.
  • Check with industry associations and industry leads to determine if there might be additional guidance for your industry.

Resources to download, print and share

A spectrum of printable signs and other materials are available for you to communicate the measures your business is taking. 


 Learn about the toolkit in our COVID Conscious PSA


Tips for implementing these materials (PDF)

Signage to encourage physical distancing:

Floor decal or display stand graphic to encourage physical distancing in line:

Commitment to customers signage for employee and customer spaces:

Signage to ask sick customers and employees to stay home:

Sick worker expectations signage for employee spaces such as break room and restrooms:

Hand hygiene instructions for restrooms and employee spaces such as break rooms:

Door badges for Covid Conscious businesses that promote mask wearing and distancing:

Embeddable badges for Covid Conscious businesses that promote mask wearing and distancing:

Covid Conscious Bear Badge


 Embed code for Covid Conscious Bear Badge



Covid Conscious Crab Badge


 Embed code for Covid Conscious Crab Badge




Covid Conscious Moose Badge 


 Embed code for COVID Conscious Moose Badge




Covid Conscious Raven Badge 


 Embed code for Covid Conscious Raven Badge



Thanks to Foundation Health Partners for permitting the adaption of its business toolkit for statewide use. Thank you to other collaborators in the development and/or distribution of Covid Conscious messages, including: the Alaska Department of Commerce, Community and Economic Development; Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium; Anchorage Economic Development Corporation; Municipality of Anchorage; and Catholic Social Services Refugee Assistance and Immigration Services.