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Infectious Disease
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Circle of Support

Do you have a plan for what to do if any of the caregivers in your family become sick with COVID-19? During this stressful time, having a COVID-19 family plan can provide you and your family some peace of mind about who will care for your children. To help with the planning process, check out this guide that will help walk you through identifying your Circle of Support (a group of people that you can call on to provide child care), what to include in your plan, when to activate your plan, and how to find help outside your circle.

How to create a plan

Families with children should create a plan for what will happen if the caregiver or caregivers in the family become ill with COVID-19. A COVID-19 family plan should establish a Circle of Support which includes family members, friends, and other trusted people who can help care for children.

CDC resources for families with children

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