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Infectious Disease

COVID-conscious demonstrations

With people gathering across Alaska around the issues of human rights, equity, and justice we want to keep everyone’s health and safety in mind.

What Alaskans need to know

Large groups can increase the risk of spread and large gatherings are considered “accelerating events” for COVID. Since these demonstrations are happening during a time when COVID-19 is on the rise in Alaska, here are some ways to have a COVID-conscious demonstration, stay safe and keep others safe:

  • Wear masks, and ask that all participant wear masks covering their nose, mouths, and chins.⠀

  • Hold the demonstration in an outdoor space.⠀

  • Keep 6 feet of distance between household groups (can use parking space lines or chalk circles to indicate space).⠀

  • Provide options to stand farther back, or participate from a car, particularly for people who have an existing health condition or who live or work with people who do.⠀

  • Consider options for digital participation (e.g. create a hashtag, event space, or thread to allow people to “attend” and share signs and thoughts from afar).

  • Stay home if sick (even with mild symptoms) and encourage others to do so.⠀

  • Disinfect shared surfaces and objects, such as microphones or megaphones, between speakers/users.⠀

  • Provide hand sanitizer (at least 60% alcohol) & encourage participants to bring hand sanitizer.⠀

  • Encourage participants to avoid touching their faces until they have returned home and washed their hands.

  • Practice forms of demonstration that minimize chanting/singing/yelling, as these can spread respiratory droplets. Alternatives include drums and noisemakers, silent demonstrations, written signs, etc.⠀

  • Wear appropriate eyewear (sunglasses, goggles).⠀

  • Cough into your elbow, and consider wearing a bandana around your neck to contain coughs, blow your nose, etc.⠀

  • Bring your own supplies (e.g. water bottles) and encourage people to bring their own to avoid sharing.

  • Follow the aftercare plan:⠀

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