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Office of Healthcare Access
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    Community Health Center Senior Access Program (CHC-SAP)

    For purposes of this grant program, “direct services” for seniors (age 65 years & over) means the provision of primary care. Primary care is the delivery of professional, comprehensive health services that include health education and disease prevention, initial assessment of health problems, treatment of acute and chronic health problems, and the overall management of an individual’s or family’s health care services. It entails first-contact care of persons with undifferentiated illnesses, comprehensive care that is not disease or organ specific, care that is longitudinal in nature and care that includes the coordination of other health services. According to Section 330 of the U.S. Public Health Service Act, and the Alaska Primary Care Council (2007), and for purposes of the CHC-Senior Access Program, primary care services relevant for seniors include:

    Service Numbers and Program description

    1. Health services related to family medicine, internal medicine, or gynecology provided by physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nurse midwives, and health aides.
    2. Diagnostic laboratory and radiological services.
    3. Preventive services including, but not limited to:
      1. screening for breast, cervical, prostate and other types of cancer
      2. immunizations
      3. screenings for communicable diseases, environmental contaminants, and chronic health conditions
      4. eye, ear, and dental screenings to determine the need for vision and hearing correction and dental care
      5. preventive dental services (provided by dentist, dental hygienist, or dental therapist)
    4. Emergency medical services
    5. Pharmaceutical services
    6. Referrals to providers of health related services including specialty, dental/oral health, substance abuse and mental health services
    7. Patient case management services including counseling, referral, and follow-up services
    8. Patient education regarding health conditions and the availability and use of health services.
    9. Dental health services, if those services are delivered under the auspices of the applicant CHC organization. This includes preventive dental services as performed by a dentist, dental hygienist or dental therapist
    10. Behavioral health services, if those services are delivered under the auspices of the applicant CHC organization.