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Moving Forward: Comprehensive Integrated Mental Health Plan, 2006-2011 

IV. Examples of Current Initiatives, Projects, and Activities That Fill Service Gaps – 2010 update

One aim of Moving Forward and its related initiatives is to provide decision makers with appropriate data regarding issues that impact Trust beneficiaries. To the extent data is available or can be developed through better data collection and analysis, progress is measured for these efforts. A key strategy has been to work with partners on projects. Successful partnerships expand and enhance the resources of the Department of Health and Social Services and The Trust and further the goal of shared and integrated approaches to bettering the lives of Trust beneficiaries.

Initiative efforts are largely directed toward system change. Following are examples of current initiatives, projects and activities that, in addition to the extensive day-to-day activities of the Department and The Trust, work to create system change and target improved services for Trust beneficiaries.

The following examples of initiatives, projects and activities are grouped under the 2009 Alaska Department of Health and Social Services Priority Areas.

For more information on initiatives, see:

Overview — List of Initiatives, Projects and Activities

DHSS Priority Area: Substance Abuse

DHSS Priority Area: Health and Wellness

DHSS Priority Area: Health Care Reform

DHSS Priority Area: Long-Term Care

DHSS Priority Area: Vulnerable Alaskans

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