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Job Opportunities in Alaska for Clinicians


Included here is a list of resources for healthcare practitioners interested in practicing in Alaska including support-for-service programs. Please contact the agencies directly for information.

Health Care Sites Seeking SHARP Practitioners

Click on SHARP Employer Sites Seeking Clinicians for a list and contact information for Alaska sites interested in recruiting SHARP Program clinicians.

The Rural Recruitment and Retention Network (3RNet)
3RNet is a network of organizations helping health professionals find jobs in rural and underserved areas throughout the country.
HRSA Health Workforce Connector
The Health Resources & Services Administration Health Workforce Connector is an electronic jobs board that allows job searches to connect to job opportunities and work sites in Health Professional Shortage Area.

Indian Health Service
The Indian Health Service provides federal health services to American Indians and Alaska Natives. Within its functions are a variety of career placement services, including a Loan Repayment Program and opportunities for students.

Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium
The Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium (ANTHC) provides opportunities for health care providers to work across a spectrum of settings from urban medical centers to small village clinics. The ANTHC also offers loan repayment opportunities. Select ANTHC Tribal Health Recruiting for more information.

Alaska Academy of Physician Assistants
The AKAPA provides job listings for physician assistants throughout the state, as well as an array of services for its members.

Alaska Nurses Association
The AaNA website provides some job placement opportunites. Check out Relocating to Alaska under the Resources tab.

Alaska Pharmacists Association
The AKPhA provides a Career Opportunities link.

Other Resources

Alaska State Hospital & Nursing Home Association

Alaska Academy of Family Physicians

The Alaska Academy of Family Physicians is committed to advancing the specialty of Family Practice in Alaska by advancing training, advocacy, and employment opportunities. This site also includes an Alaska Family Practice Employment page.

Alaska Primary Care Association

Alaska Healthcare News
Interested in an Alaska Community?
Visit the Alaska Department of Community and Regional Affairs Community Database online. This newly updated website answers the most frequently asked questions about each community in Alaska.
Interested in Alaska Health Care Sites?
To see the array of primary care healthcare facilities in Alaska from major hospitals to village clinics visit the online Directory of Alaska Health Care Sites.
Obtaining Licensure in Alaska
Licensure in the State of Alaska is required for most SHARP Program support-for-service positions. Visit the Alaska Professional Licensing website for more information.