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Alaska’s SHARP-I 2014 Program is now accepting Practitioner Applications


Go to the SHARP-Support-for-Service page for dates and application information.

Any questions about all matters regarding SHARP should be directed to:
Robert Sewell, Ph.D., Program Manager
SHARP Program, Alaska DHSS
(907) 465-4065 phone

Site Application

Sites will use the .pdf form used during Solicitation-1.

How to Submit Site Applications

Submit all completed & signed Site Applications, and any other required documents, by sending these as e-mailed PDF attachments. No hardcopies, or regular post, or other formats will be accepted.  E-mail your application to: 

  • Robert Sewell, Program Manager
    Alaska Division of Public Health
    Section of Health Planning & Systems Development
    P.O. Box 110610
    Juneau, AK 99811-0610
    Phone: (907) 465-4065

Both Practitioners and Sites are welcome to independently submit their respective sections to indicate their interest in participation.  Further, both “clinicians-without- employers” (i.e. new recruits) and “employers-seeking-clinicians” (as yet to be identified) are welcome to apply.  In this process, both parties may find suitable match-ups.


Please refer to the Definitions section of the Memorandum of Agreement for addition information about how terms are defined:

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